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Windows + Exchange Torture

I'm obviously a Linux/Zimbra guy, but sometimes I am forced to run lab tests against M$ Exchange since ZCS does integrate with it- sorta. I've been placed under the knife and subjected to Windows torture once again to troubleshoot issues with Exchange F/B integration. I just lost two hours of my life trying to figure out WTF when Exchange 2007 could not connect to the AD domain.

The error:

Active Directory server win.corp.zmb.moc is not available. Error message: A local error occurred.

This server is perfectly sound and has 2 test users.

OS: Windows Server 2008
Exchange 2007 SP2

The cause:

Apparently there is an issue with Windows key management causing the problem. I was also unable to connect to other SMB shares on the network, but certainly didn't think that was related to this problem, but it was.

The solution:

After reading through and trying a few unhelpful tips, I finally stumbled on one that solved the problem and here it is:

Essentially, do

Start -> Run
type: control keymgr.dll
Then, remove the entry that corresponds to your Windows AD server and restart the Exchange MMC.

Please excuse me for not being happy and ecstatic to find this solution like the Exchange admins of the world. And sure, it's a bug like any other piece of software; we know Zimbra has many. Hopefully this post will help save you some time.