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OS X WebDAV with Zimbra

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WebDAV is a great protocol for reading and writing files to and from the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and is a great tool for network file storage since it works inside and outside the home network. Mounting and using your ZCS mailbox WebDAV filesystem with Mac OS X is trivial.

1) Mount your mailbox.

    a. Open Finder
    b. In the Go menu, select "Connect to Server..."
    c. Enter your ZCS server address in the server connection dialog in this format:

    d. Click the "+" to add the URL to your server favorites as you might be using this again :)
    e. Provide your authentication credentials used to login to the ZCS web client. Be sure to check the box for remembering your credentials.

Your ZCS mailbox is now mounted as /Volumes/ A Finder window will appear with a complete folder listing of your mailbox. The Briefcase, Notebook, and attachments folders will probably be most interesting to you.

2) Symlink the volume mount to your home directory.

a. Open
b. Type:

    ln -s /Volumes/ ~/zimbradav

The symlink will always remain, but you will need to establish the mount between restarts or switching networks. Re-establishing the mount is easy. Just open Finder, Go --> Connect to Server..., then select the server favorite saved in step 1c. The symlink can be used to read/write files within any application.

3) References

Let me know if you can get this working with mount_webdav. I'll post when I figure it out.