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Did You Know? Zimbra Search is Awesome!

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 01:30

Let’s face it. Email is email, right? There aren’t many bells and whistles that one email provider has that the others do not.

And there is the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of people only use 20 percent of email features.

But … There’s always a but!

We all need to search our email accounts occasionally. As email accounts get bigger and bigger, there are more an more messages to search!

This is where Zimbra outshines all other email tools!
– It’s lightning fast.
– It’s incredibly easy.
– It makes your work life better!

Check out this video to learn more about searching in Zimbra:
Searching in Zimbra

Check out these posts about searching in Zimbra.
Searching with Keywords
Searching Using the Search Menu
Creating a Search
Using Common Searches
Save a Search

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Did You Know: The Zimbra Desktop UX

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 01:30

In my recent Zimbra Desktop posts, I have failed to mention the awesome Desktop user interface or user experience (UX).

Do you currently use the Zimbra Web Client? In other words, do you open a browser to access your Zimbra account? If yes, than Zimbra Desktop will be very familiar for you.

Zimbra Desktop looks and works almost exactly like the Zimbra Web Client!

You will see all of the same tabs in Desktop, with all of the same content you see in the Web Client, as shown below.

You can link any mail account you have (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to Zimbra Desktop, and you will see data for them all!

Below is a snapshot of my Mail tab. You can see both of my accounts in the overview pane.

When you click Preferences, you will be able to change preferences for any account.

The main differences to be aware of are in the upper right corner.

– The Online icon shows when you are connected to the internet. If you are not connected, it will say Offline.
– The Help menu offers the same choices you know from Zimbra Web Client.
– The Setup link opens the Setup screen, where you can manage the mail accounts already linked to Zimbra Desktop and add new mail accounts, as shown below.

I hope you are enjoying this series on Zimbra Desktop. If you have questions about how to use it, please post them in the comments below. Thanks!

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Zimbra Talk v2.2.17.2 – Introducing Multi-tenancy and a redesigned installer from scratch

Mon, 06/06/2016 - 16:55

Hello everyone! Last March we announced Zimbra Talk. Zimbra Talk can be used for chat, audio or video calls. Conversation groups can consist of two or more members, and new participants can be invited at any time.

Introducing, Zimbra Talk v2.2.17.2, which includes a couple of features highly demanded by our Customers and Partners:

  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • Brand new installer to make the installation process much simpler
  • A couple of UI and UX improvements
  • New security mode to choose between “public” or “private” for video-chat feature
  • And another 18 Bug Fixes, please see the Changelog section
How to update: Complete video with all the needed steps

For those who already have an older version of Zimbra Talk, we encourage to upgrade to the latest Release by following the steps from the next video:

New Installer, new Wiki documentation

The brand new installer makes the installation of Zimbra Talk a much simpler task, with just a few steps of configuration, improved pre-installation checks for the Zimbra Environment and much more. You can find the new Installation process right here:

Changelog for Version
  • Fixed a condition where when starting a new conference the page would refresh
  • Fixes for language specific interfaces
  • Fixed file transfer error
  • Fixed an issue where the video chat would not appear
  • Fixed Online/offline issue with contacts
  • Various icon placement and styling fixes
  • Updated GUI styling
  • Admin can now kick a user properly from group video chat
  • Prevent redirection when starting a chat
  • Roster changes to accommodate more than 200 users
  • Display name is retrieved now for users
  • Various updates to error dialogs and messages
  • Various layout and text fixes
  • Updated localization capabilities
  • Fixed hovering and clicking action on contacts
  • Various buttons and action fixes
  • Roster searching improvements
  • “Is typing…” now appears in text chat
  • Umlaut issue in chat names fixed
  • Text can now be selected with ctrl a
  • Tab indexing issue in admin zimlet fixed
Do you want to try Zimbra Talk? The new package is already on the website:

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Partner Spotlight – LANCOM ePaper room allocation with Zimbra

Thu, 06/02/2016 - 03:30

Zimbra Collaboration is Private, Secure and Open, and we are thrilled to present our new Blog Spotlights to show all the creations and projects, which our Partners has been developed around Zimbra Collaboration, on this first Blog Post, let me introduce LANCOM ePaper Room allocation.

Partner Spotlight – LANCOM ePaper room allocation with Zimbra

Printing paper labels for room allocation suddenly feels old-school with LANCOM ePaper displays. These sleek screens update to reflect the needs of your facility management or sales department, controlled centrally and totally wireless.

ETES developed an interface between Zimbra and the management software for LANCOM ePaper displays. Simply attach a display to your meeting room’s door and configure it once. The integrated battery last up to five years, and thanks to Wifi, updates take place almost at once.

The interface reads the meeting information from the appropriate calendar resource in Zimbra and prints the schedule on the wireless display. The available information ranges from name and description over date and time to organizer and attendants.

All you still need to do is select the meeting room’s resource when creating the calendar appointment. And don’t forget to provide meaningful information. It will be visible to your attendants…

Description of ETES GmbH

ETES GmbH offers made-to-measure IT services using Linux and Open Source products as far as possible. Since 1998 our Zimbra partner from Stuttgart fulfils the highest information security and quality standards with certified employees and data centres.
Customers are guided from concept to implementation with constant advice and thoughtfulness. Clever operations and maintenance assure long lasting solutions.
More information on Wireless ePaper Displays is available on the website. Or just write an email with your request to for customized solutions.

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Did You Know? Archive your email with Zimbra Desktop!

Wed, 06/01/2016 - 01:30

Did you know that you can archive your email if you use Zimbra Desktop?

Using the Zimbra Web Client, all of your email is stored in a cloud or on a server, and you cannot archive the data or save it to your computer.

In Zimbra Desktop, there is a section in the overview pane titled “Local Folders”, as shown below. When Zimbra Desktop is open, you can move any email into a local folder, and it will be stored on your computer.

So, create any folder you like. In the example below, I created a folder titled “Archive”. Move messages into the folder to save them on your computer!

Note: When you open your account with the Zimbra Web Client, the email will still be displayed in the original mail folder. This is because the Archive folder does not exist in the Zimbra Mail Client.

Click here to download Zimbra Desktop now!

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Zimbra patrocina OpenExpo 2016 junto a nuestro Gold Partner, Quersystem

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 03:30

Zimbra estará presente junto a Quersystem, en el evento OpenExpo 2016, III Feria y Congreso anual sobre FLOSS y Open World Economy (Open Data y Open Innovation) que se celebrará el 2 de junio 2016 en el Espacio MEEU, Ático de la Estación de Chamartín (Madrid), además se esperan a más de 2.000 personalidades del sector, profesionales y empresas en búsqueda de generación de negocio.

Cómo llegar y acceder a Open Expo 2016

Al entrar en la estación de trenes de Chamartín, dirigirse a la altura de la vía 4. Allí encontramos las escaleras de acceso a la planta superior, entre los comercios Relay y Rodilla.

Stand de Zimbra y Quersystem

Podrá encontrar al equipo de profesionales de Zimbra, así cómo el equipo de profesionales de Quersystem en el Stand #A13, justo enfrente del Club VIP.

Qué es la Open Expo

El objetivo de OpenExpo es difundir, presentar, descubrir y evaluar las soluciones y las tendencias de la industria que ofrece el Open Source & Software Libre y Open World Economy (Open Data y Open Innovation).

  • Encuentro con más de 2.000 profesionales senior del sector en solo un día: representantes de las principales empresas e instituciones, desarrolladores de código abierto, hackers, expertos, proveedores y usuarios de todos los niveles.
  • Mayor retorno de la inversión a través de oportunidades de exhibición, conferencias y de patrocinio.
  • Amplíe el alcance de su marca a través de nuestra plataforma de marketing multi-canal.
  • Un día de conferencias, casos de éxito, Keynotes, talleres, mesas redondas, demos y otras actividades paralelas en torno al mundo de las tecnologías libres.
  • Más de 100 empresas participantes que presentarán sus novedades y soluciones tecnológicas.
Speaking Slots de Zimbra y Quersystem 12.20 a 12.50, PayPal Hall – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device (Zimbra triple A) Zimbra Collaboration es la herramienta Open Source que gestiona a nivel empresarial tu Buzón, Contactos, Calendario, Tareas, Documentos y mucho mas desde cualquier dispositivo: Smart Phone o Tablet, PC y Portátil con Windows, Linux y OS X. Agenda:
  • Toda tu información bajo tu control con Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7
  • Funcionalidades principales
  • Demo funcional
  • Casos de éxito
17.15 a 17.45, IBM Hall – Zimbra Collaboration, How it Works? Qué necesito para montar un servicio colaborativo seguro y escalable, cómo mantengo mi canal principal de comunicación ahorrando en servicios de TI e infraestructura?


  • Zimbra Sizing (Arquitectura hardware y software)
  • Funcionalidades técnicas avanzadas
  • Collaboration Support Team
  • Ronda de preguntas en el Tech & Beers
  • Networking session
Presentado por Frederic Maussion, Senior Solutions Advisor y Daniel Sainz, Senior Technical Specialist para Zimbra/Quer System COMPRAR ENTRADA

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Did You Know? Getting Started with Zimbra Desktop

Wed, 05/25/2016 - 01:10

Did you know that it’s easy to get started with Zimbra Desktop?

Click here to download Zimbra Desktop for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Once you have Zimbra Desktop installed, open the application. You will be prompted to add a new account.

As you can see from the menu below, you can add any email account to Zimbra Desktop. This makes it simple and easy to view all of your email in one place!

Select the type of account you want to add. In this example, I will add a Zimbra account.

Next you will be prompted to enter the account name, password, etc. for the account, as shown below.

When you have completed the fields, click the Validate and Save button. Click to open Zimbra Desktop, and you will see the contents of each of your accounts.

In the snapshot below, the folders and inbox contents for my Ann Foster account are displayed.

Next week, learn how to use Zimbra Desktop to archive your email!

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Synacor Mail – Operation Zimbra for Service Providers, Part III

Sun, 05/22/2016 - 23:30

This is the 3rd webinar of the Synacor Zimbra mail operation for CSPs. For those who missed the earlier webinar, please refer to:

Webinar 3 – Geo-Redundant Deployment of Zimbra

This is the 3rd webinar of the Synacor Zimbra mail operation for CSPs. Matt will talk about the practical multi-site deployment of Synacor mail service using Zimbra for disaster recovery.


Transcriptions Synacorメールサービス - サービスプロバイダ向けにZimbraを運用する

Synacor社によるZimbra運用に関するWebinarの第三弾をお届けします。見逃した方は一回目 Synacor Mail – Operation Zimbra for Service Providers, Part I および 二回目 Synacor Mail – Operation Zimbra for Service Providers, Part II をご覧ください。

Webinar 3 – 地理的冗長性




Thank you for reading, and don’t forget that you can try Zimbra Collaboration for 60-day.

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First Road Show in Sardegna with in collaboration with Athena srl

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 07:00

The first week of May Zimbra attended to the first event in Sardegna with our Gold partner in collaboration with Athena srl

The first event was hosted in Cagliari, Athena srl presented its company to the attendees, and Zimbra presented itself as well to the audience, introduced for the first time in Italy Zimbra Talk and Kaspersky gave a presentation as well about their security products.

The audience was mainly from Government entities interested in Open Source and looking for the right solution for their needs.

Most of the big Government entities in Sardinia attended the event in Cagliari and they showed a very strong interest in Zimbra Collaboration and in Zimbra Talk.

It was a great occasion to meet directly with some of Zimbra customers in Sardegna and some prospects too, discussing about Zimbra and how Zimbra can match their needs.

The day after we had another successful event in Sassari, where Athena has its headquarters, and where the attendees showed an amazing interest in Zimbra, Athena was amazed by the questions and the interest about Zimbra, we had an outstanding 50-minute Question and Answer session

Zimbra Road Show in Sardegna by camera

If you missed the opportunity to attend to the event, you can enjoy now our Photo gallery with all the Zimbra Road Show in Sardegna 2016 pictures.


A big thank goes to and Athena srl for the organization, and to regione Sardegna for such a warm welcome and interest in Zimbra.

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Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 and Zimbra Desktop, 2FA and Password Lock

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 04:30

Zimbra wants to offer better Security on our products, so I’m thrilled to introduce two new features that Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8 brings to the public.

Zimbra Desktop – Password Lock

Starting with Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8, the end user can protect Zimbra Desktop with a password. You will find this new feature in Preferences > All accounts > General > Enable Password Lock

Once enabled, you will see a new lock icon on the top bar. You can click on that icon or just close Zimbra Desktop to be prompted for your Zimbra Desktop main account password.

This is the window that will prompt you for the main account password. This is a really useful way to protect your Zimbra Desktop content, preventing it from being read by another user who might have physical access to the computer.

After a successful login, you will see a banner message on the top bar saying Password Verified

Zimbra Desktop – Two-factor authentication

We introduced Zimbra Collaboration 2FA a couple of months ago, and starting in Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8, we support it natively on our Desktop client as well. The first step is to configure 2FA on the Web Client.

Then when you try to add an account protected already with Zimbra 2FA, or if you had one already added on Zimbra Desktop and configure 2FA later, the Zimbra Desktop will prompt you for a Code from one of the TOTP applications.

Once you add a valid 2FA code from a TOTP application, you will be able to see all ofyour accounts and launch the Desktop

Remember that you can try both, Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 Release Candidate, and Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8 Release Candidate. Both versions contain the enhanced security.

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